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Rooftop running track White Collar Factory, London

Many bosses wonder how to motivate staff to go the extra mile and this building in London might have finally found the answer.

A new development in Old Street has unveiled a 150-metre rooftop running track on top of a 16-storey office tower.

The 230ft-high running facility at the White Collar Factory development is the highest in the capital.  

The two-lane track, designed by architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, is marked out with a start sign and lanes. Runners will have to follow arrows on the track anti-clockwise to avoid bumping into each other.

Benjamin Lesser, development manager of the Old Street building’s developer Derwent London, said: ‘As far as we’re aware this is the first in central London,’ according to Metro. 

He added: ‘The cladding on the outside of the building is extended up and that provides a screen so runners are protected from winds and the edge.’

Runners will have to complete more than 10 laps of the track for a mile, while a full marathon would require 281 laps.

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