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Project Smartroof 2.0 at the NatureStructure Exhibition in Boston

After a carefull selection procedure Project Smartroof 2.0 in Amsterdam was selected to be part of the NatureStructure exhibition at the Boston Society of Architects in Boston, MA.

The project was selected because of its innovative character with a combination of stormwater management with functional green space and amenity value in the urban environment, but also because of the unique cooperative process, a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), it required to achieve this result. Bureau Marineterrein (Building owner), Waternet (Dutch Water Board), City of Amsterdam (Innitiator), Drain Products Europe (Supplier), Permavoid (Innovator), KWR (Independent Research Institute) and AEDES Real Estate were all involved in the conception, development, realization and scientific research of Project Smartroof 2.0.

For the exhibition a short movie was created to inspire people to ‘resilience their cities’. A more elaborate movie explaining the details and construction of this research blue-green roof is also available on-line. Sacha Stolp from the City of Amsterdam was present at the grand opening of the exhibition and provided a one-hour seminar detailing the PPP mode of cooperation.

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