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Retractable pitch test a success at new Spurs stadium

Fans keeping a close eye on our popular live cameras will have seen the west and centre sections of the retractable grass pitch – huge trays each made up of 33 smaller trays – being tested throughout the course of Saturday and Sunday as they were moved out from underneath the South Stand before joining together and then returning back into the South Stand garage.

Designed, engineered, built and installed by Sheffield-based engineering specialist SCX, the pitch will be made up of three sections in total with the east section set to be tested in the near future. Once complete, all three sections will slide out simultaneously in approximately 25 minutes, with the west and east sections moving laterally to connect with the centre section and create seamless joins in the grass playing surface.

Aside from two of the pitch sections, the hydraulic sides were also tested over the weekend. Weighing 480 tonnes these sides lift once the three pitch trays have connected in order to raise the touchlines so they are at the same level as the grass playing surface.

The many elements that make up the mechanics of this incredible operation have been tested over several years across a number of locations around the country, including our Training Centre, and this was the first time all that work has been seen in action in one place inside the new stadium.

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