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Arboricultural Association Conference ‘Soils and Trees – Standing your Ground’

Polypipe Infragreen will be part of this years Arboricultural Association Conference ‘Soils and Trees’, in Exeter. UK (September 9-12th).

The Arboricultural Association has announced the full line-up of 34 speaker sessions for the 52nd National Amenity Conference entitled ‘Soils & Trees – Standing your Ground’. The schedule includes 10 prominent international speakers, who will take delegates on narrative journey through soil science and trees, and help us get serious about soils.

Polypipe has invited Joris Voeten from the Netherlands to share his vision on how urban water management can be connected to healthy tree growth to mitigate climate change effects, keep rainwater out of overloaded sewer systems and help cool overheated cities on blistering summer days.

So don’t miss out on three days full of knowledge, inspiration and information, which will keep your mind occupied for weeks to follow.

Hurry with registration: Early-Bird discount ends August 10th!

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