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The beautiful Blue-Green Microcosmos on your roof

Why. Why should I put drainage, soil and plants on a rooftop? When you look at it from a distance it doesn’t always look like much. But nothing is further from the truth. Just change the distance (a.k.a ‘focal point’) from which you look at it.

Yesterday I spend 15 minutes with my new phone and imported Macro lens on Project Smartroof 2.0. A Blue Green Roof in the centre of Amsterdam. This roof uses the Permavoid drainage and capillary irrigation system for rainwater harvesting, storage and irrigation, properly managed by the digital Cloud Water Control system to maintain healthy plant growth. Yes, water was added to prevent plant death during the recent worst-ever dry spell, but where most vegetation in the city has shrivelled up into dead or dying yellow organic matter, this roof is still alive and flowering.

If one looks closely, one finds a magical miniature world full of natural wonder, fantastic designs, and life! Remember: most flowers on the photographs measure less than 8 mm in size!!

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