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Polypipe constructs Project Smartroof 2.1

With the renovation of the roofs of the Aylesford factory location, Polypipe has decided to create a ‘sister-roof’ to the original blue-green Project Smartroof 2.0 research roof in Amsterdam.

After a careful check by structural engineers the roof was found strong enough to support the blue-green roof system, transforming the previous black bituminous roof to a flowering oasis with a deck section enabling employees to enjoy lunch, take a breather or have meetings in a patio-garden like setting.

Project Smartroof 2.1 features an exact replication of the Permavoid-Capillary-with-4-cm-soil research setup of its parent roof in Amsterdam. With a set of 16 sensors all parameters relating to energy (solar radiation, reflection and (soil-, air- and surface-) temperatures) and water management (rainfall, water levels, plant evapotranspiration and soil moisture content) are closely monitored. The goal of the research is to get an even better understanding of the functioning of blue-green roofs in the UK, supplemental to all knowledge already compiled at the parent roof in Amsterdam. In Aylesford reference data on an adjacent black roof are gathered too, to better understand the differences in energetic and hydrological conduct between the blue-green and black rooftop. A video of construction is now available on-line.

A very special feature of the design is the Polypipe P logo embedded in the design, created with white gravel set in blue flowering plant-beds. With that, the roof is unmistakably recognisable, even from satellite images. And a specific feature is that this planted section of the roof is monitored and irrigated automatically, using the Cloud Water Control system, which sources its irrigation water from a rainwater tank, harvesting rainwater from a higher level roof.

The roof can be visited upon request. Please contact

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